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Everstryke Match

Emergency Firestarter

The Everstryke Match is a waterproof emergency fire starter that can be carried on you’re key chain. It can be added to a bug out bag, kept inside a vehicle or in the junk drawer at home.

I like the Everstryke Match because of it’s compact size and the best part of all was the fact that it was Free! I only had to pay for shipping and handling.

Keep extras on hand

I have several of the Everstryke Match Fire starters and keep them in different locations. Besides having clean drinkable water being our first priority, we also need food and shelter. By having the ability to create fire, we will be able to purify water by boiling. Fire will also be handy for cooking our food and providing warmth.

They make Great Christmas Gifts

These are perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays or even just little thank you gifts for you’re prepper friends! I guarantee that they will love having one of these little gems around. Its a way to show them how much you care for their safety and providing a useful tool at the same time.

I give two thumbs up

This one gets the preppers seal of approval and two thumbs up! Getting something for free is always great but usually its junk. This freebee however is practical and can be a life saver! I can’t say enough positive things about the Everstryke Match. Get yours here today!

The Everstryke Match is a compact and waterproof handy gadget. It is small enough to fit on you're key chain.
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Doomsday Super Submarine

Russia’s New Doomsday Weapon

On Tuesday 04/23/2019, A Military Shipyard in St. Petersburg Russia launched the newest Doomsday Super Submarine in their fleet. President Vladimir Putin was on sight to view the launch of the Belgorod sub.

Russia’s new doomsday weapon is designed to be equipped with the new Poseidon Drones which are expected to be ready next year. Putin has mentioned that tests of the Poseidon Drones have been effective in causing tsunami waves to coastal areas which cause major devastation.

Nuclear Weaponry on a Cataclysmic Scale

Both the Belgorod Doomsday Submarine and it’s arsenal of high tech weaponry are nuclear powered. It has been said that it has the capabilities to render U.S missile defense systems useless.

The submarine is also reported to be able to dive to depths of 1700 feet. At these depths the submarine becomes hard to detect.

The Longest Submarine

Popular Mechanics has reported that the Belgorod Doomsday Submarine would be the worlds longest submarine at around 604 feet. The Belgorod also has a unique feature of a large bulge on the lower hull.

It has been said that the feature could relate to retractable steerable thrusters. These could be used for precise position holding.

Preparing for Doomsday

Fellow readers, I cannot be more adamant about becoming a prepper. Our world today has danger lurking around every corner. The likelihood of a major Doomsday or Catastrophic event happening in our lifetime is very plausible. I attempt to share information with my readers on these issues in a timely manner to keep you apprised of threats.

I strongly recommend that if you have not already done so, that you take precautions and prepare for a minimum 72 hour event. Regardless if it is a power outage, storm or something more devastating. Try and have enough supplies to get yourself and family through until the event has cleared.

Supplies for preppers

Many items can be found locally but special items can always be ordered online for as long as the grid is still operative. Some of my greatest finds for prepping have been made in thrift stores of all places.

There is no better time to prepare than Now!


Lost Knowledge

Time Forgotten Traditions from lost knowledge

The lost knowledge of Pioneers and First Settlers of the old west was a wealth of information. They lived through hard times with very little resources. In those days, people lived off the land by using primitive tools to carve out gardens from rocky soil.

Their homes were crudely made and many only had dirt floors to walk on. They carried water from shallow wells that they dug in the ground or nearby creeks and springs. The meat they had to eat came from modest numbers of livestock that they raised. Much of the meat was smoked to preserve.

Lost knowledge of food preparation

In those days, it was typical to have a smokehouse for curing fresh meats. They built crude wooden buildings that had racks for hanging slaughtered livestock. After the meat had been salted and prepared for smoking, it was hung inside of the smokehouse.

An external fire source containing smouldering hardwoods was used to supply the heated smoke into the smokehouse. This was done for a period of time until the meat was cured. The dried meat could then be stored for an extended period until it could be consumed. More can be found here on The Meat Preserving and Cutting Guide Link.

Long Term Food Storage

Another item in the lost knowledge of pioneers that was used regularly was Pemmican. It was first invented by Natives of North America and later passed on to Western Explorers. Pemmican was a portable, high energy food. It was nutritional and would last for long periods of time without being kept cool.

The vast knowledge that the early settlers had about using wild growing plants and fungus for edibles, helped sustain life for generations. Many of the preserving methods they used was much healthier than preservatives used today. More can be learned about preparing Pemmican and edible plants from The Lost Ways Link.

Homemade Pemmican
Homemade Pemmican

Information Lost through Generations

Very few people alive today know all of the ways and customs for everyday life that our ancestors knew. Some information has been passed down through the generations in remnants. Many people today have no real understanding of survival methods since life has become so resourceful. Modified versions of what once was has evolved from being passed down through the generations.

Life is ever changing and humans are adaptable even though they don’t always like change. To prepare for every obstacle would be impossible. We are resilient in nature. We can adapt should there again come an event that takes us back to the early days ways of life.

Don’t just Survive. Thrive!

Survival to me is just getting by in life. It is only having the bare minimum that one needs in order to sustain life. In a grim scenario. If one was lost and wandering aimlessly in the desert. This may be associated as a survival means to live. In just such an event, it would be hard to thrive. Due to lack of water and other life sustaining components.

Having Knowledge is the key to not only surviving but to thrive in your immediate surroundings during a catastrophic event. I’m not saying that you will have all of the luxury items or access to convenience like now. What I am saying is one can live well off the land if they invest the time to learn how.

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Rule of Three

The Rule of Three in Survival

When in a survival situation, we often experience a great deal of stress. To help gain control and direction, focus on the Rules of Three in survival.

In the First three seconds; decide to Fight, Flight, or Freeze.

This is our instinct reaction to immediate threatening situations. It especially applies if you’re not prepared or caught off guard. You can be trained and still experience these reactions. As the victim, you may initially be caught off guard and Freeze.

You may be close enough however that you must defend yourself by Fighting. Once you’re able to break contact, move to a safer area or Flight. Once the fight has ended, don’t stand around and admire you handy work. Move quickly to a safe location and regroup just in case of a second event. Our friends at Renegade Fighter Mindset has Excellent tips! We also like the pressure point training which is used by many Police Officers, MMA Fighters and Self Defense Instructors at Russell Stutely.

Consider Surroundings

Consider if your current location is safe and secure. If not, move out of the immediate danger or Red Zone.

The Yellow zone is just out of the immediate danger but not totally secure and could become a Red zone at any moment. Try to move up wind during chemical or fire events. The yellow zone is where most decontamination and rescue efforts or triage is conducted.

Green zone is a safe and secure zone. This area allows you to regroup and carry on with your mission or life.

Once you are safe from immediate harm access your situation and establish priorities.

Rendering First Aid

Within the first 3 minutes:

A person is in jeopardy of dying if severely bleeding. Stop the bleeding by applying bandages and applying direct pressure with your hands or tourniquet. Lay the victim prone and raise the legs between 6 inches to 12 inches to help prevent shock.

A person is endangered of suffocating if not exposed to breathable air. If the event is in a confined space, do not enter. Try to get a pole to drag the victim out or a self-contained breathing apparatus. It does no good for you to enter the Danger zone and become another victim. Try moving the victim up wind of the danger area.

According to the OSHA and Fire Service statistics, two thirds of all deaths occurring during confined space rescues are to first responders attempting to rescue someone else!

Exposure concerns

A person is endangered of dying of exposure in 3 minutes if they fall into icy water. Safely get them out to a secure spot. Remove their wet clothing and replace with warm clothing or blankets. You will most likely have to help them every step of the way as their mental faculties will start shutting down. They will be dazed and in shock. Extreme caution must be used if you enter the same icy water as the victim may pull you under trying to save themselves.

3 Hours Rule: A person is endangered of succumbing to a harsh environment of extreme heat or extreme cold. Six people have already died from exposure to the elements this week from the frigid north west cold snap. Proper layers of clothing is a must as your extremities will feel the effects first. Protect your head, hands and feet. Eighty percent of your body heat will be lost through an uncovered head.

The same applies to extreme heat. Keep your arms, legs and head covered as sunburned skin will cause your body core temperature to drop. Stay hydrated but do not try to consume a large amount of water at one time as this can injure your bladder or kidneys.

Dehydration complications

3 Days Rule: Drinkable water. Three days the time before the body shuts down from dehydration. The kidneys and bladder will fail from an overload of the toxins not removed in your bodily waste. Yes, water is always a priority but do not mentally shut down because it is not readily available. There are techniques you can learn now on YOU TUBE or through survival research to apply in times of water shortages. Having a good water purifier available will be a life saver.

Starvation woes

3 weeks rule: The average amount of time a person can survive without eating edible food. The body will draw from its stored fat content before it starts breaking down and affecting the internal organs. This gives you more than enough time to find a safe food source. If water supplies are tight, ration what you eat to small amounts and remember your body consumes water to digest the food you eat. You can cause dehydration just by eating.

If the situation allows, hydration is always important. As your stress increases so should your consumption of water. Only water that will effectively flush the toxins from your system.

Prior training and mental preparation are what will always pull you through. Take what you are learning and practicing serious because one day in the future, it will save you butt.

As always be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat

Meat Preservation

Methodology of Meat Preservation

As a prepper, I know the importance of food storage. Having food available for times when accessibility may not be readily available is crucial. Food storage is a major part of prepping. Having Meat Preservation skills will be necessary for survival.

Preppers utilize many different ways to store food long term. Some of the options they use are storing can goods, freeze dried foods and doing their own canning. One big concern that many have are ingredients.

Many people have made adjustments in their diet due to health concerns and I am no exception. Being aware of additives in food products can in some cases mean life or death. Many meat products today have many of these additives added to them as a means of preservation.

Preservatives are unhealthy

Many preservatives that are used by companies in processing foods are very unhealthy for people. They increase health risks and contribute to cancer cases, high blood pressure and diabetes. The use of un-natural lab made chemicals in preserving foods have contributed to rising mortality. In using natural substances for curing meat and preserving foods, we have control over what and how much is being added.

Storing meat for seven years

A lost art of survival skills long gone are canning and curing meats. People today have the convenience of just running down to the corner market or fast food location nearest to them any time they are hungry. What if all of those luxury’s were gone tomorrow due to a doomsday scenario?

If you were prepared, you’d have emergency food on hand for such an event. Part of you’re supplies should include meats that have been preserved for long term storage. Having the ability to store preserved meats for up to seven years is a valuable skill.

How meat preservation is done the right way

My friends over at the carnivore store has brought meat preservation skills from the past and made them available to preppers. They created an easy to follow guide with all steps and healthy ingredients.

The ability to cure and preserve your own meats with healthy ingredients will add to your survival skills and be beneficial for WSHTF situations.

Meat Preservation and Curing Guide

The link to the meat preservation and curing guide link can be found here or by clicking on the heading above.

As always friends. Be sure to drop a comment and follow us for more awesome prepper related articles.

End Prepper

Spring has sprung

Prepping in the outdoors now that spring has sprung.

Mountain Range
Colorado Mountain Range

Spring has sprung. This is the time when preppers can get outdoors  and practice their skills. Mud season has dried up enough that Lucy and I can get back outside and enjoy the San Luis Valley countryside.

Part of how the guys at ML Mines survives comes from prospecting and seeing what the land has to offer in the way of buried treasures.  CH is big into metal detecting around long time established properties and hunting for coins circa 1800’s.

Rock hounding is a big pastime

My brothers Jethro and Paco along with Chico are rock hounds who like to go digging in the Antero Mountains. We enjoy hunting for gold, silver and precious stones like smokey quartz, Agate, and Aqura Marine

Assorted Stones
Stones from Colorado

I like to get out and work on my land navigation and orienteering skills. Skills learned from You Tube’s Far North Bushcrafting, Survival Russia and Shawn of the Wild. I also spend a lot of time looking for evidence of Native America past activity like arrowheads. 

Trespassing is a Big No

First most important thing is to have Permission to be on the mining claim or property that your at.  I emphasize this because this is the most common complaint I hear from people. In this neck of the woods and they will Prosecute you for Trespassing. Most of the time you will probably be armed so the trespassing charge will be a Felony.

I normally take Lucy Tdog as my eyes and ears to alert me in case of approaching trouble. I also and carry a Smith Wesson .38 revolver in my pocket should trouble arrive. The first two rounds are snake shot.

Picture of Lucy Tdog
Lucy Tdog

Prior preparation for a local trip around the base camp we research pending and future weather conditions, pack a light snack, water and appropriate clothing. Weather changes pretty quick out here so It pays to plan ahead.

 The Colorado Geological website provides description and history of the arrowheads made by Native Americans providing pictures so you can see what what you are looking for.

Arrowheads are common finds

Typical arrowheads were made out of Jasper, Goethite and chalcedony materials with the maker selecting a suitable stone and then striking a harder material like deer antlers against the stone to flake away excess material and make a cutting edge.

Arrowhead find

Its cool when Chico finds an old coin or rifle cartridge from the 1800’s but the neat thing about hunting for arrowheads is learning about the Paleolithic Period and realizing the person who made, used the arrowhead you found has not been around for over several thousand years years.   Most of the points I have found were used for small game hunting

Arrowheads and coin
Arrowheads and coin

Finding something that has survived the elements native craftsmanship the would make any prepper proud.  Now that spring has sprung, get back out side with your water purification bottle and a granola bar and start exploring the New World like the original inhabitants did you will enjoy the experience.

As always be safe and healthy my friends.

Ralph Tcat.